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Welcome to Eric's Insights. I'm a Realtor with a passion for protecting one of your most valuable assets, your home! Here you can find useful tips for maintaining and growing your home's value.


Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

  • Vacuum bathroom vent/fan(s).

  • Have your air ducts cleaned.

  • Replace the filter on your furnace to keep it operating as efficiently as possible.

  • Pass a lit candle around doors & windows to check for drafts. Weather strip & caulk as necessary.

  • Examine your chimney. Clean flue; repair any cracks in flue or any loose or crumbling mortar.

  • Clean debris from gutters and ensure down spouts are free of obstruction.

  • Check your attic for birds, squirrels, raccoons, etc.

  • Make sure any decorative lights you put up for the holidays are working properly before hanging them. Anything with a frayed or damaged cord should be discarded.

  • Make sure any outdoor furniture is put away or properly covered, including your grill.

  • Test Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) receptacles & GFCI circuit breakers.

  • Restock on batteries, flashlights, blankets & non-perishables, to be prepared in the event of a bad weather power outage. Review emergency procedures.

  • Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors & replace batteries.

  • Pour 1 gallon of water down unused drains.

  • Check the operation of your sump pump if you have one.

  • Review emergency procedures and ensure all the members of your family know what to do in the event of a home fire.

  • Relax & enjoy the cozy home you've created.

Download Printable Checklist Here

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