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The problem at hand was simple: Catherine Horgan’s dining and living rooms needed a major overhaul. The bungalow, located in the charming Elizabeth neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina, was outdated and “stuck in the nineties,” says Lisa Sherry of Lisa Sherry Interieurs. “The space needed a facelift.” As a stylist and fashion blogger— her Closet of Style blog covers everything from fashion to beauty and travel— Horgan has an eye for design and had an idea of what she wanted the space to look and feel like. But she enlisted Sherry to help transform the large space into an ideal area for entertaining and for showcasing Horgan’s love of fashion.

The first issue at hand was the layout. “Being an amazing wardrobe stylist and with great taste and style, Catherine had many ideas for us to reference but left the layout of the space to us,” says Sherry, who splits her time between her High Point and Charlotte, North Carolina offices. “Rather than keep [the room] for dining only, we challenged ourselves to create a space for lounging, as well.” The long, narrow room (once only designated as the formal dining room), needed to be both overhauled with new decor and reworked to fit the family of four’s lifestyle and interests. “We spent a long time reinventing the space on paper to see what the possibilities could be,” says Sherry. The end decision: buck tradition and move the existing dining room so that it sits prominently in front of the fireplace, and divide the area into two rooms that work seamlessly together. One part would be the living room, where guests could mingle and sip cocktails, while the other would be the dining room. To delineate the spaces, Sherry added a circular table styled with vintage vases, bowls, and beads beneath an antique chandelier.

Moving the dining table in front of the fireplace—an area traditionally designated as the living room—was just the beginning of Sherry’s installation, which she defines as French, modern, and eclectic. “I like juxtapositions,” says Sherry, “so the traditional architecture called out for modern eclecticism.” This French-eclectic look was achieved by incorporating a modern color palette of grays, taupes, and blues coupled with dramatic black walls accented by white trim. To modernize some of the decor, Sherry updated and reinvented some of Horgan’s existing pieces such as the antique dining table, which was painted and then sanded for a modern, weathered look. By adding a French settee, wing chairs, and modern side tables to the dining room, Sherry was able to update the overall look and have it appear “more collected.” A timeless seagrass rug ties the living and dining rooms together while the fireplace, once the centerpiece of the living room, now anchors the dining room giving it a more European look and feel.

One of the best parts of the installation for Sherry’s clients is the anticipation of seeing the project completed. Sherry asks her clients to leave so that she and her team of designers can install the project completely. The result is a space that’s thoroughly designed, in what feels like a relatively short time span.

For Sherry, the collaboration with Horgan was ideal. “Being designers, we like to push our clients a bit,” she says of how both women operate in their respective careers. And for the final design of the space, Sherry and her team took the lead. “We took Catherine’s thoughts and ideas and went above and beyond.”

Check out this article in Kim Marie's Home By Design!

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