Thinking about selling? Curb Appeal is Key

Many buyers drive by homes and rule them out before they even decide to see inside! Other times a buyer is turned off while standing at the front door waiting for the real estate agent to open the lockbox. What can you do? Of course you cannot change the design or style of your home but there are some simple things you can do to make sure the exterior of your home shows to its best potential.

In the summer time, things like ensuring the mulch is fresh, trees and shrubs trimmed; we don't want anything to look overgrown. If you have any dead plants or flowers, make sure to remove them. Ensure you have a good lawn service fertilizing your yard so it looks green. These are fairly inexpensive when it comes to selling a house but make a big difference in a buyer’s perception of how the house is maintained.

Another turn off is wood trim on the exterior of a home that has not been painted recently and is dry/deteriorated or peeling. The same thing goes for your front door- that's one of the first impressions your home will make on a prospective buyer. It should be freshly stained or painted. It has been said that a buyer makes a decision in their mind about a house in less than the first minute of looking at the exterior. If they make a negative determination about it from the outside, they either may not call to see the home or if they are already there with an agent to tour the home, the interior is going to require a lot more “wow factor” to change their opinion at this point.

Are your entry light fixtures cleaned and looking up to date? These are fairly inexpensive to replace or clean and have painted.

It's the little details that can make a big difference. We help our sellers every step of the way with making recommendations of what enhancements may be important in order to ensure their home is presented to attract the most buyers! Give us a call today at 412.398.0128 so we can put our action plan to work for you!

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